Why Capco?

I chose Capco for its position in financial services consulting, which confers Capco the expertise and legitimacy to assist financial institutions on complex, value-added projects. I also value Capco’s international presence, fit to answer its clients' global strategies. In addition, my various interactions with the people from Capco made me understand how well Capco fit my own values and personality.


What drives me in my work?

From a global point of view, I like the idea of helping industry-leading organizations to evolve towards high standards and forward-looking goals, and I enjoy the challenge that comes with it. I enjoy sharing with people and getting to learn about their job and the business they operate in.


My Background

Before joining Capco I worked in investment banking, successively in equity research and in mergers and acquisitions departments. I also worked as a financial analyst within the industry, where my involvement in various projects made me want to join the consulting business.