Yoga, Value Investing, Big Data, and Travelling.

Why Capco?

I wanted to work in the financial world and be a consultant at the same time; Capco gives me the fantastic opportunity to combine these interests. Moreover, I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit which gives me the possibility to add my personal note to the company.


What I do at Capco?

I am working on a large scale transformation project for a German bank in both test management and strategic alignment of the project and follow-up projects. With these two roles I receive deep insights into both the organization of testing and the management of large programs. Moreover I am engaged in several internal projects which I enjoy. For example, we are currently setting up Navigate Capco to build an Associates Community and a Starter Toolkit. I also support the Campus Recruiting Team in Munich and I’m working on a Capco testing framework.


What drives me in my work?

I want to constantly develop myself and learn new things, so challenging tasks and working with engaged people motivates me. For every job I’ve had, I believe I've always been able to learn something new or learn a different way to approach a problem.


My background

I studied statistics with economics in Munich and Madrid for my Bachelor’s degree and expanded on this learning with a Masters focusing on financial econometrics. During my Masters I was engaged in the TU Investment Club, a student initiative focused on the financial world. In this club, I worked as a team lead for the Equities team and thus extended my knowledge in value investing.


The best piece of advice I’ve ever received

My mentor during university gave me some great advice that has never left me. Look for situations that will place you outside your comfort zone! Become comfortable being uncomfortable by presenting at a company event, taking part in a client’s pitch or networking with potential customers.


A fun fact about me

At school I participated in athletics with a focus on 100m hurdles and was part of the Bavarian cadre.