I like playing table tennis, and I am a big football fan. I picked up cooking a couple of years ago and love to have friends over for dinner.

Why Capco?

My background is in banking, so when I decided to move to consulting, I was interested in doing this in the industry I knew best. Capco was a natural choice as a top player in consulting the financial world.


What drives me in my work?

In large organizations people are experts in their specific field. However, they rarely have the time and vision to optimize their ways of working and their organization – within their own team and with other teams. Being an external consultant, I have the opportunity to help them improve their operations and smooth the interactions between teams. I believe that my work creates value for my client’s organization by making it work smarter and more efficiently.


My Background

I worked for more than two years in a large French CIB in structured finance in commodities in France, the U.S. and Canada. When I moved back to Europe, I wanted to do something different but remain in the banking industry, so I joined Capco. It has been a great journey so far, and I have had the opportunity to work on Lean Management projects for two French banks in Paris, Luxembourg and New York. I have also been a change manager for a large scale IT transformation and outsourcing project.


Fun Fact

When I worked in the U.S., my co-workers made me participate in a fantasy football league. This is how I started watching U.S. football and made lots of friends. I even won the league the following season.