Once in a lifetime...

The financial services industry has an unprecedented opportunity to help change the world for the better. With the right mind-set we can deliver positive change that will last for generations to come.

Are you ready?

There are clear signs of opportunities as the financial services industry emerges from the recent recession. But do we know how to take them?


Once-in-a generation opportunity

This is much more than a commercial proposition. Here is a once-in-a generation opportunity to Form the Future of Finance. We have a fiduciary duty to deliver genuinely innovative services capable of withstanding a much faster pace of innovation, market, regulatory and consumer demand.

Do we believe the worst is over? Yes, in terms of the shocks and scale of the downturn. But this does not mean that the path to sustained growth, transformation and consumer satisfaction will be easy. Very much the opposite. There are challenges at every turn.

In 2015 banks will again face funding pressures, the challenge to implement new regulations, and the growing threat of fraud and cybercrime. Increasingly mobile, demanding digital consumers and nonbank-competitor entrants add to the mix.


Invest in innovation

As they seek to differentiate themselves from the competition and pursue new revenue streams, banks will be constrained by the size and complexity of legacy infrastructures. The result? Institutions have no choice but to invest in innovation while trying to achieve the highest possible return on legacy IT transformations.

There’s more. We are seeing nimble, innovative non-bank entrants enter the value chain at unprecedented speed. To succeed, incumbent providers must invest in disruptive innovative technology and collaborate with the people who create it. If not, they risk losing significant market share.

Regulation plays its role too, tempering the adoption of disruptive technology. This applies especially to the increased collection, storage, and use of data. The control framework is often the last thing to change, and so 2015 will likely see the finance sector continue to test regulatory boundaries. Not just incumbents, but new entrants will question which regulations are fit for the purpose.

We believe that every participant has a role to play in ensuring the pace of change is adopted across the whole value chain, from consumer to regulator. There is no doubt that innovations that improve transparency and address industry needs will be welcomed by banks, consumers and regulators alike.


Towards strategic sourcing

Industrialization and disaggregation of the value chain is another powerful trend in 2015. Yes, we have seen shifts in this direction in the past few years, but the move towards strategic sourcing, industry utilities and the rightsizing of non-core functions will pick up pace in line with demands for cost efficiency and clearer regulation of shared services.

Of course, none of this change can take place unless the industry adopts a different mind-set. For this to succeed we all need to adopt a ‘beginner’s mind mentality’. This approach, where anything is possible, has already driven huge change across other industries and must do the same for financial services.

The beginner’s mind approach is also at the heart of Capco’s recruitment strategy. We want to attract, nurture and retain the best talent, by encouraging creativity, innovation and expertise. This is the best possible way to ensure we deliver on our promise of world class idea generation, delivery and transformation to and for our clients.

We have the utmost belief that through the power of collaboration, innovation and ingenuity, meaningful change can and will happen in financial services.

Most of all, we remain committed to bringing the best ideas, and the highest calibre of service and delivery to the Financial Services industry; and to Forming the Future of Finance.

The opportunity is here. We hope you’ll join us


Rob Heyvaert

Capco Founder, Chairman & CEO

Corporate Executive Vice President of FIS; Head of Global Products and Services

Disruptive innovation in financial services

World Economic Forum

Disruptive innovation in financial services

Today’s financial institutions are evolving in an environment of rapid change where a confluence of rapid technological advancement, regulatory change and evolving consumer preferences are driving new innovations and welcoming disruptive entrants that are breaking old trade-offs and redefining notions of financial value.

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