Joerg Lojewski

Joerg Lojewski

Capco Partner

Capco role and focus

Joerg Lojewski is a Frankfurt-based partner and responsible for change programs for the CFO, reporting functions for our financial service clients and leading the market offering financial accounting and reporting.


Industry expertise

Joerg Lojewski has more than 20 years of experience in the German and European banking market, particularly in the finance and risk sectors. He has run projects focused on the implementation of new regulations, system migrations, process restructuring, in- and outsourcing, data sourcing and governance. His primary focus has been on midsize projects with a strong regulatory background.


Professional background

Before joining Capco, Joerg Lojewski was a manager at KPMG. Prior to that, he was with HSH Nordbank’s commercial credit office. He has passed the German CPA exam and has worked several years as an auditor for financial service companies.