Capco's Global Program

Capco’s global CSR program launched in April 2014 to enable Capco to make an even greater positive impact in our communities. The program is structured around 3 key areas: Fundraising, Ideas Change Lives and Disaster Aid.



Capco supports employee fundraising efforts through a corporate matching scheme. Since launch, Capco has raised funds for numerous charities. The portfolio of charities that Capco supports includes a global children’s charity, a non-profit organization which raises funds for medical research, an international medical humanitarian organization and a non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.


Ideas Change Lives

Our Ideas Change Lives program asks employees to submit their ideas on how they think we can best use our core consulting skillset to have maximum impact for a  charity. The ideas that best fit the program’s criteria (judged by a global committee of employees & executives) are then sponsored by Capco, brought to life, and implemented in an effort  to improve  the lives of others.  

We are currently sponsoring 4 projects globally:

  1. We are building a knowledge management app for a charity supporting bereaved parents allowing them to extend the reach & support they give to parents who have suffered the loss of a child
  2. We are designing a management, operational & financial methodology for a charity supporting the education of under-privileged children in Ghana helping them to replicate their success and roll it out across Africa
  3. We are sponsoring a 5 person team to work with a micro-finance institution assisting it to more effectively serve under-banked entrepreneurs in Kenya
  4. We are investing in the infrastructure of a non-profit in South Africa supporting orphans & vulnerable children, and helping them to build a business plan to become more sustainable

At Capco, we dedicate our time to solving the problems of our clients to make their lives easier - we also make time to solve the problems of charities & non-profits so they can spend their time changing the lives of those who need help.


Disaster Aid

Our disaster aid program supports corporate matching of employee donations towards humanitarian disasters. This program enables Capco to be flexible and respond quickly to a request for support. In the past, this has allowed us to provide support to our employees when a humanitarian disaster has impacted their community or the global community at large. Most recently we raised funds for Oxfam to support Ebola prevention efforts in West Africa.