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Worldwide Trade is a True Global Opportunity

Effective Trade Services Are Key To Its Successful Exploitation

The BRIC economies and the ‘Next 11’ continue to produce very strong growth. As a result, truly global trade, as opposed to purely northern hemisphere activity, is increasing at astonishing rates. Banks offering the right trade services, delivered through up-to-date, secure and cost-effective instruments, have real opportunities to build client wallet share, revenues and profits.

In a challenging time for the mature markets, it is perhaps tempting to be skeptical about the sheer scale of the wider opportunities. However, the numbers quickly dispel any doubts as to the status of global trade as a huge and very dynamic phenomenon.

The opportunities for banks to provide more support – in more targeted and effective forms - across supply chain finance are enormous. There now exist innovative payment instruments that are much better suited to the conditions of rapid trade growth in exotic markets. Meanwhile, from Iran to Vietnam, whole new areas of opportunity are emerging.

Their clients are busy trading. Banks need now to understand the context, the scale of the opportunities, and the operational structures that must be in place to support clients’ supply chain finance most effectively. For the institutions that commit to understanding the needs of clients, and then deliver appropriate solutions, there are substantial new sources of profitable business and revenue waiting to be exploited.

This is an opportunity banks cannot afford to ignore
There are some very strong reasons why no bank can afford to be indifferent to the opportunities and challenges of global trade expansion. Download this thought paper to learn more.


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