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Time to Get SPARTAn With Software Testing

Financial markets need software testing systems that make migration between releases as smooth as possible and accommodate business as usual. That’s why Capco’s SPARTA product – Software Package Allowing Regression Test Automation – has proved to be such a success with institutions across Europe.

In the battle to overcome risk associated with software upgrade testing, the financial markets are looking to SPARTA for powerful help. Even in today’s highly complex and pressured environment, new software release testing can come down to an Excel spread sheet, a sharp eye and a good memory. If the test results are in a few key employees’ heads, it may well be time to call the SPARTANs.

The latest software releases can provide a source of significant competitive advantage. But no business can afford to simply pull the plug for a few days and implement the upgrade while normal activity is suspended. And in the financial markets especially, there is an urgent requirement for software testing systems which make the migration between releases as smooth as possible, while accommodating the need for business as usual.

Of course, there is an abundance of solutions in the marketplace to help software developers, and plenty of others to test websites and web-based applications. But when it comes to the highly sophisticated software solutions used in the financial markets, many IT departments are still relying on old-fashioned manual testing as the safest — if not the most efficient — way of assessing and implementing an upgrade. Often there is no truly structured approach to software testing at all. That’s why Capco’s SPARTA product — Software Package Allowing Regression Test Automation — has proved to be such a success with financial markets institutions across Europe.

“SPARTA is a test automation framework that acts as the single point of entry for all QA tests on Murex and other applications,” says Kai Huebener, a Capco Managing Principal. “We wanted to utilize the most efficient mechanism for conducting tests, so we designed SPARTA as a software layer that basically sits between and coordinates actions between standard industry testing tools like Excel, HP’s Quality Centre, Jemmy, and target applications such as Murex, Sophis and Calypso.”

The Murex connection has been key to the development of SPARTA. Capco’s relationship with Murex dates back to the 1990s. The two companies have signed a global relationship agreement to improve client benefits in implementation and upgrade projects; their long track-record of success in this field has seen them develop a proven method to deliver effective client solutions. Capco also offers a dedicated Murex Application Management team.


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