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Meldewesen Factory® - Improved Regulatory Reporting

Meldewesen Factory® offers a comprehensive regulatory reporting outsourcing solution for financial services providers. It enables the optimization of existing structures and processes, and better positions organizations to respond to the ongoing changes in regulatory requirements in a fast, efficient and effective manner.

What are the current regulatory requirements and challenges?
The recent financial crisis has shown that current legal reporting obligations provide a limited insight into the real state of credit institutions. The growing complexity of regulatory requirements compels banks to have a cost-efficient reporting system architecture, delivered through a robust service and sustainable processes.

For financial services providers new regulatory requirements result mainly in high investment as they seek to continually optimize reporting processes and data quality. At the same time they present new challenges with regard to control and transparency. Reporting systems need to identify and process information specifically to improve the data basis for business decisions, aligning compliance with the overall management and strategic targets.

The answer? A modular approach, with optimization of existing reporting structures and procedures...
Meldewesen Factory optimizes existing structures and procedures within regulatory reporting and enables financial services providers to implement new requirements (e.g. Basel III) within targeted timeframes, aligning short and long term objectives.

High volumes of data and the necessary data quality increase the demand for the provision and maintenance of the data itself. This calls not only for an ever more powerful IT infrastructure, but also a reduction in previously individual tasks through standardization of downstream processes. The IT implementation of the reporting functionality is therefore based on each bank’s specific strategy with the optional use of either internal IT resources or Meldewesen Factory ASP (Application Services Provision).

Together with our partners, Capco is able to deliver a modular and individually adaptable approach to address the ongoing and ever evolving requirements of regulatory reporting. In addition to design and technical implementation, the combined offering includes migration to target environment and solution maintenance.

Meldewesen Factory includes the provision and use of all necessary rights of the modular reporting software BAIS (banking supervision information system) provided by BSM GmbH, with necessary IT infrastructure provided by Deutsche Börse AG. Meldewesen Factory also includes extensive services from Capco.

To find out more, request your copy of Capco’s latest paper, Meldewesen Factory – improved regulatory reporting. As well as outlining the opportunities and business and technology drivers for enhanced regulatory reporting, the paper offers a clear outline to proof of concept for Meldewesen(R) Sourcing Services. Capco works with forward looking institutions that are keen to exploit a major new market opportunity. Key areas of support in the Meldewesen offering include:

  • Application Service Providing
    (infrastructure and systems operation)
  • Application and Process Management
    (reporting process, testing and approval, business and IT)
  • Application Support (provision of reporting software)
  • Analysis and Specification
    (interfaces, pre-processing, data model extensions)
  • Professional Expertise
    (adjustments in the context of new requirements in regulatory and accounting requirements, NPP)