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Making Vision a Reality

Meet Suzanne Muir

Capco partner Suzanne Muir leads efforts with several of our strategic clients in banking, capital markets and asset management in the Canadian market. She joined our firm in 2009 and has 17 years of experience in financial services, with a focus on technology and consulting. In "Making Vision a Reality," a brief Q&A, Suzanne shares her perspective on topics such as:

  • Why Capco is exploring the possibility of entering the Latin American market
  • The biggest challenge facing the financial services industry today
  • What separates Capco from the Big 4 firms and other consultancies
  • Why Capco is particularly skilled in managing transformational change for clients
  • What is special about our culture and our people

Capco is exploring the possibility of entering the Latin American market. Why now?
Suzanne: With our tremendous growth trajectory in North America, a natural footprint expansion plan would involve looking at Latin America. We see exceptional opportunity in this market and plan for Brazil to be the launching pad for our entry.

What is the biggest challenge facing the financial services industry today?
Regulatory reform. With most banks, the majority of their spend for program- or project-based initiatives centers on regulatory reform. Increased capital and liquidity requirements, and the very stringent consumer protection acts, are a serious concern because they prevent banks from focusing on evolving their business — that is, introducing new products or services that improve the customer experience.

This new dynamic is really changing the industry. With the challenge of regulatory reform, banks will have to look at new operating models and ways to reinvent themselves. That will allow them to focus on the client experience while also complying with these regulatory requirements.

How is Capco helping clients thrive in this era of regulatory reform?
Capco is a very pragmatic organization. We've helped organizations execute on the changes that this new regulatory framework demands. We're very execution-focused.