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Full Upgrade to Murex MX.3

Can you have a “Big Bang” without big problems?

Capco and Murex leveraged a uniquely strong relationship to transform one global bank’s desire for leading-edge, consistent and cost-effective front-to-back systems into reality. Download our case study ‘Big Bang Without Big Problems’ and find out more.

Pressures on global financial institutions to modernize and rationalize operations, reduce costs (including FTEs), increase volumes by enabling Straight Through Processing and meet both internal and regulatory demands for transparency and risk management are well known. But what are the factors really needed to turn desire for leading-edge, consistent and cost-effective front-to-back systems into reality?

The answer is a combination of the most appropriate technology, the best skills and experience, a high degree of determination to overcome the complexity inevitably involved, and a unique environment of collaboration between technology vendor, systems integrator and client.

When all these factors coincide, the result is “Big Bang” positive global change for the institution concerned. It takes cooperation and above all trust. A recent and highly successful experience proves it is possible.

The Client
Our client, a leading Nordic financial institution, prominent in a number of areas including cash management, foreign exchange trading, security trading, asset management and private banking, wanted effective delivery against the following key objectives:

  • Reduction of Operational Risk for both their Securities Finance and Structured Equity trading business, through the implementation of an integrated Front Office-Back Office trading solution.
  • Increased levels of STP, overall improved trade and event handling and significantly reduced manual processes.
  • An integrated trading platform aligned with the client’s IT architecture goal, harmonizing applications, in order to increase staff efficiency and realize cost savings.
  • Enhanced capability of business units to considerably increase business revenues, due to improved ability to deliver client solutions, and the removal of volume caps.

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