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Feeling More Secure About Cloud Computing?

Leading financial services firms are integrating the cloud into their IT strategies—why you should too

This Capco Thoughts white paper takes a look at how financial services companies are approaching the cloud. It discusses the importance of a comprehensive, multiyear strategy to meeting both the business goals and security requirements of cloud deployment. And it describes elements of a cloud strategy.

Financial services firms are capturing the benefits of cloud computing, from improving customer relationship management and virtualizing desktops, to exploring new infrastructure as a service (IaaS) models. Some are methodically integrating cloud pilot projects into their IT strategies and architecture. Others are using cloud-based solutions for non-core functions. Early movers are sending computation-intensive core activities into the cloud.

The extent to which firms are willing to venture into the cloud is largely a security matter. Many remain wary of putting their data, core processes and elements of their extended enterprise in the cloud. Failing to explore the cloud’s potential, however, can result in significant missed opportunities.

While such reticence is understandable with any emerging technology, the potential benefits of the various forms of cloud computing are too great to ignore. Capco believes companies that develop and adopt a comprehensive, multiyear cloud strategy can position themselves to use the cloud to improve performance, competitiveness and customer care, while keeping valuable data and assets well protected.

This white paper explores various ways that financial services companies are approaching the cloud and describes important elements of a cloud strategy.


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