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Capco at Work: Landing the Jumbo Jet

State-of-the-art. High Performance. Online Banking.

In the first of a new series of snapshots of Capco people and their transformational work for our clients, we meet Nick Levy. One of his recent challenges was delivering a radically re-purposed online banking platform, capable of supporting 11.5 million users and 1.2 billion digital interactions each year. Nick compares the task to “servicing the engines of a 747 while it’s full of passengers and in flight.” Discover more about the happy landing.

Nick is a business and people-facing technologist with a background in systems integration, software development and technical architecture.

He works with senior stakeholders in transformation situations for Retail Banking, Digital Commerce, Payments, Insurance and Investment Banking. .

The Task
Mission: Critical Delivery in the ‘Ultimate Live Environment’

Challenge: transform strategic digital capacity - from base-capability legacy technology to sector-leading, state-oft-he-art, high-performance online banking. Delight several million customers.

European Banking’s biggest ever PMI.

Project Characteristics
High Risk. High Profile. High Complexity.

a radically re-purposed and re-designed multi-brand online platform, capable of supporting over 10 million users and over 1 billion digital interactions each year.

Unique Constraints: all project work was carried out while the existing platforms remained live. As Nick says, this was “comparable to servicing the engines of a 747 while it’s full of passengers and in flight.”

The Capco Skill Set
‘Left to right’ on the project time axis, our Capco team played pivotal roles in:

  • stakeholder management
  • governance
  • new service design
  • process re-design (work better, run faster, fail less)
  • pre-implementation testing
  • people aspects of change
  • implementation and transition to BAU

The Capco Contribution
We coordinated multiple, disparate threads of project input through highly effective sequencing. Acting as ‘ATC’ (Air Traffic Control) the Capco team ensured total clarity of understanding and tight timing of key activities. This led to complete certainty of (desired) outcomes. Nick describes this as: “making sure that, when the wheels of the Jumbo hit the runway, landing is safe, smooth and spot-on accurate. This is about assuring quality of delivery and predictability of key events on the pathway to delivery. It’s also about total trust and reassurance during a very challenging ‘moment of truth’ for the client.