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Capco’s ‘No sleep’ Survey - Results Overview

The “4 AM agenda” confirms: no need to buy an alarm clock just yet

In 2012, insomnia will continue to rule. Unsurprisingly, participants see a tough year ahead. But there is real focus on the quality of customer experience and an interest in the mobile technologies that will build customer intimacy.

Between October and November 2011, Capco surveyed some 400 executives across the financial industry in the Benelux. Our line of enquiry was “what keeps you awake at night?” The respondents gave us intriguing insights - into how the industry views the year ahead and what the key sleep-disturbing issues are going to be.

We might have predicted that very few finance professionals believe life will get easier any time soon. But what did strike us is the significant degree of alignment between the ‘technical’ side and the demands of the business and its customers. The majority of our participants are in finance, risk, IT and operations. But they also have some very clear “front office views” on what customers will be demanding from their financial institutions.

The survey confirmed consensus that a tough year lies ahead: 90% of respondents agree that 2012 will be “difficult” (and 80% thought that 2011 was challenging). Some see re-organization ahead, with an emphasis on balancing costs with productivity. (Just under 46% anticipate a change in their organization’s business model, with 33% envisioning some kind of restructuring.)


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