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2012 CIO Survey Findings

Are information management programs thriving, surviving or stumbling?

This Capco report explores how CIOs in US banks feel their information management (IM) programs are faring. Based on research conducted in 2102 by The Banker, this report also offers insights from bank technology executives into five key areas of IM.

The BankerIn the survey, we explored the status of banks’ IM programs, as well as the effectiveness of those programs across five key areas. Survey results indicate that the majority of US banks are merely "surviving" when it comes to IM programs. Little wonder, since the age of their IM programs varies widely, and their investment in IM programs is relatively modest.

In terms of value delivered, about half of bank CIOs and other technology executives feel their IM programs extract maximum value from the information held, but they don't necessarily feel their IM program is highly developed or aligned with the needs of the business.

Typically, IM program governance is centralized, but no banks have achieved "optimized," the highest level of IM governance. About half characterize their technology as "advanced" and that their IM program can adequately cope with the regulatory burden they face. However, CIOs fret that the Dodd-Frank Act, new Patriot Act provisions and FATCA will create significant challenges.