Submission Guidelines for Authors

As you would expect, the professionals who contribute to the Journal of Financial Transformation are experts in their field. But they’re also much more: they are intellectually curious, they are agile innovators. Every contributor offers a new perspective, a fresh twist—the distinctive insights and connections that recognized thought-leaders make between strategic thinking and the practicalities of daily business life.

For this sophisticated content, our objective is simple—to offer insights from a select group of distinguished thinkers. Each article in the Journal offers original thinking, clearly presented, to help our readers and clients engage in intellectually honest discussions—straight talk that gets straight to the heart of the matter.

To maintain the standards we have set for the Journal, we apply a rigorous evaluation process. Each paper submitted undergoes a peer review.

We have developed guidelines to help prospective authors meet our stringent quality criteria. Please make sure that you can answer these questions in the affirmative:

  • Does your article make a significant contribution to its field of research?

  • Can the ideas presented in the article be applied to current business models? If not, is there a road map on how to get there?
  • Can your assertions be supported by empirical data?
  • Is your article purely abstract? If so, does it picture a world that can exist in the future?
  • Can your propositions be backed up by a source of authority, preferably yours?
  • Would senior executives find this paper interesting?

If you wish to submit a paper, please send an e-mail with the proposed title/theme of your paper, along with a 250 word abstract to: Prof. Damiano Brigo, Director of the Capco Institute:

Broadgate West
9 Appold Street
London EC2A 2AP
Tel: +44 20 7426 1500
Fax: +44 20 7426 1501

Manuscript Guidelines