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Journal 1 – Evolutionary Finance

March 2001

The Journal’s inaugural issue focuses on three areas in the financial services industry that have been undergoing the greatest change: exchanges, regulation, and asset management. The papers range from analysis of the current environment to predictions about the industry's state in a few years time.

These are very challenging times for senior executives of the world’s leading financial institutions. The industrial landscape is undergoing an historical transformation, national boundaries have come down, cross-border transactions have become simplified, mergers and acquisitions have increased dramatically, and many non-financial players have entered the financial services arena.

It is against such a dynamic background that the true impact of the Internet on businesses must be recognized. The Internet cannot be considered merely as a tool for gathering and distributing information, or even as a more efficient means of executing transactions. The primary impact of the Internet has been to reduce barriers to entry significantly and, consequently, to curtail the ability to maintain competitive advantage over the long-term.

The senior executives of these vastly complex organizations are, therefore, required to manage their current operations while keeping abreast of the technological advancements that will drive their business strategies with accelerating speed and within ever-decreasing timeframes. No longer can executives simply keep apprised of the current technology; technology has moved from enabler to driver. This means that the introduction of new technologies cannot be approached as an IT project. Rather they must be considered as a major business initiative. Senior executives need to predict what the future technological landscape will look like and prepare for succeeding within that environment.

To help senior executives prepare for a world in which uncertainty is an integral part of business, The Capco Institute, in collaboration with our board of editors, has launched journal. The Capco Institute journal of financial transformation. This is the first high-level scholarly journal dedicated to the advancement of leading thinking in the field of applied finance. The journal aims to be the best source of thought leadership for financial decision-makers. It is a forum for sharing ideas and a vehicle to help senior financial executives keep abreast of the major challenges facing us in this highly dynamic environment.

For the journal’s inaugural issue, the editorial board has chosen three areas that have been undergoing the greatest change: exchanges, regulation, and asset management. The papers in this edition range from an analysis of the current environment to predictions about the industry’s state in a few years. We hope that you appreciate our focus on practical applications of leading thinking.

It is our ambition that this issue will be the first of many such quality volumes, and that through your help and participation we can make this the leading scientific journal for financial decision-makers worldwide.

It is only through the sharing of thought leadership that we can reach the goals that we have all set for ourselves. So, please join us in this initiative and let us shape the future of financials services together.