Capco RSS Feeds

In the highly unlikely event that you are unfamiliar with Really Simple Syndication - RSS - it is an easy way to receive Capco news, journals, thought papers and blogs. To stay on top of the latest Capco news, papers and blogs, please sign up for our RSS feeds.

You can subscribe to a Capco RSS via:

  • A standalone feed reader on your computer
  • a Web-based dashboard, such as Google homepage or MyYahoo
  • Web browsers

If you do not have a feed reader, Yahoo lists a range of news readers, required to use RSS, for free download. Once you have an RSS news reader installed, you can subscribe to Capco RSS feeds by clicking on the orange RSS icon for the feed that you would like to subscribe to and follow the instructions from your feed reader. Your RSS reader will now automatically receive the latest news from Capco that you have requested.

Available Capco RSS Feeds

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