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As the world walks on a tightrope between pillars of corporate and sovereign debt- debts which threaten the quality of life we have grown accustomed to- it is understandable why people are venting their anger through protest, in cities across the globe. There has been a lack of ethical judgement in recent years across various sectors, both private and public, and, as a result, we are witnessing both an increase in inequality, and an arguable slow down in progress on a number of fronts, be these social, economic or political.

However, we need to look beyond protest and think seriously about constructing plausible solutions to ensure the turmoil of the present does not lead to a bleak future, especially for those who are more vulnerable in the ongoing economic uncertainty: the youth.

In understanding the important and influential role the financial services industry has to play in society, Capco has chosen to work closely with a charitable initiative, Mosaic, set up by HRH Prince of Wales. The initiative provides voluntary mentors from various professions,(including many from the City) who mentor school children across the UK, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, such as inner city pupils and ethnic minorities.

At a time when confidence is in short supply, our mentors are instilling hope and providing practical solutions to the problems this upcoming generation faces. Whether it is guiding them on how to set up their own businesses, through our Enterprise Challenge, or arranging work placements to boost their potential employability, we are investing our time and effort to turn the tide of a so called “lost generation” which threatens to damage our country’s future prosperity.

Beyond mentoring, Capco, HSBC and Mosaic are organising a seminar on the 29th of November: The Future of Finance: A year in reflection, the year ahead. We believe it is essential to provide practical thought leadership on how this sector can remain relevant and highly profitable and, most importantly, do so ethically. In doing so, it can contribute to the provision of funding and support for today’s mentees to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and professionals; generating wealth that can raise and sustain our collective social well-being.

At the seminar we will bring together leading financial services industry figures and professors to discuss a number of issues including: the social value and reduction in systemic risk that a convergence between investment banking and the insurance industry could create; and what can be learned from Islamic finance.

By providing practical help to some of the most vulnerable in our society, and providing thought leadership with the aim of carving out a prosperous path for an industry which has such a profound impact on how we all live, financial services organisations, and professionals, working together with charitable initiatives, like Mosaic, can provide credible solutions to the economic and social problems we face today.

To reserve tickets for this free event being held in London on the evening of 29th of November please contact:


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