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The global financial industry becomes more complex by the day. Meeting the challenges of complexity demands the best, most innovative and actionable input. Capco’s Thought Leadership and leading-edge research is contained in our Journal of Financial Transformation and our wide range of White Papers and Points of View. Access a unique resource of academic and practitioner thinking and experience. It’s tomorrow’s best practice available today. Read More

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Building your own bank may not be as difficult as you think

One of the most exciting areas in the financial industry today is the renaissance in customer propositions and choices, as non-traditional challenger banks enter the industry and established players race to create dynamic new offers. In this overview, we invite you to share our thinking and 10 step methodology around bringing new banks and new banking offers to a highly competitive market. more

"It was a small thing. A community bank opened a branch on a college campus in Massachusetts. But something was different. The space and the offerings, were not about the bank. They were about the customers. Styled like a modern loft, and totalling only 350 ft., the space, I mean branch, boasts “a tablet bar; a room behind glass that can frost for privacy; outlets for students to charge their phones; and 50-inch touch screens streaming financial literacy-themed games and product information”, according to American Banker1. This is not your mother’s bank. more

"OK, OK. So Apple Pay may not be perfect, but it sure is off to a good start. With the recent addition of a mobile wallet to its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple has enabled users to shop at over 220,000 stores and has already signed up the six biggest card issuers, accounting for 83% of credit card transactions, with 500 financial institutions coming on board by early 20151. Up until now, purchasing using an app required creating an account and registering a credit card for each individual account, but Apple Pay aims to simplify that process. The fact that Apple Pay also encrypts each transaction with a code that can only be used once, helps protect customer information which ups personal security. more

Baby Boomers $15TN Spend

"Older users are driving growth in social media networking. Let me say that again. Since 2011, the number of 55- 64 year olds using social media has risen from under 25% to over 33% while there has been no significant growth in other age groups1. This wealthy generation, whose consumption spending has risen 50% faster than those under 30 in the past two decades2 has the time, money and now the technology, to embrace and shape the digital age. more