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The global financial industry becomes more complex by the day. Meeting the challenges of complexity demands the best, most innovative and actionable input. Capco’s Thought Leadership and leading-edge research is contained in our Journal of Financial Transformation and our wide range of White Papers and Points of View. Access a unique resource of academic and practitioner thinking and experience. It’s tomorrow’s best practice available today. Read More

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Tenth Issue of 2014

We are delighted to share the Tenth Issue of 2014 of Capco's Regulatory Monitoring Newsletter, developed by industry experts in our International Regulatory Monitoring Team. more

The rise of corporate sophistication in finance. What is it? And how can banks remain relevant to resist it?

Virtually unchallenged, banks provided corporate customers with services from payments processing to business extension financing. Then came much greater financial Corporate Sophistication. Banks now need new strategies, and new approaches, to retain and regain business that used to be assured. In the face of growing competition, effective resistance is all about relevance. more

Why and how banks should act now!

Mobile payments providers must think more ambitiously. It’s high time to go beyond one-off novelties and limited disruption to the status quo. We should be embracing complete transformation, enabled by system-wide interoperability. And we have the technology to make it happen.

This is the second part of our series about changes in payments. In this paper, we focus on the channel perspective. We outline a solution to introduce flexibility, enable faster innovation and, ultimately, achieve a dynamic and positive mobile payments environment. more

November 2014 Issue

We are delighted to share the November 2014 edition of Capco's monthly Regulatory Monitoring Newsletter, developed by industry experts in our European Regulatory Monitoring Team. more