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The global financial industry becomes more complex by the day. Meeting the challenges of complexity demands the best, most innovative and actionable input. Capco’s Thought Leadership and leading-edge research is contained in our Journal of Financial Transformation and our wide range of White Papers and Points of View. Access a unique resource of academic and practitioner thinking and experience. It’s tomorrow’s best practice available today. Read More

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Big Data in Financial Services

This paper is designed to be relevant to producers and consumers of data in a financial institution. In particular, it is oriented towards the business use of data (e.g., analytics) and on technology techniques for managing data. The paper assumes that the reader has some context and understanding around Big Data technologies, how they would or would not apply within a financial organization, and the benefits and challenges that such new technologies present.

“Big Data” is a term which has come to spark much interest and discussion. Whether ‘hype’ or ‘futuristic,’ one thing is certain: “Big Data” has entered the technology industry lexicon in a big way. At Capco, we define Big Data as an information environment to facilitate better business insight and decision-making by leveraging information assets that have high volume, velocity, and variety, and require new forms of capture, processing, and analysis. more

Getting a handle on the cost to trade

The need for banks to cut trading costs is just too real to ignore. The strains of increased capital requirements, continued regulatory pressure and innovative new entrant competition, are all conspiring to create the perfect storm that will force banks to truly understand their cost to trade. In the front office and on a real time basis, a clear metric of the cost of trade is essential for banks to make tough, high-level decisions. Banks need to decide which products, and even which customers are returning to the bottom line, and which need to be removed from portfolios. Consequently, major business decisions for banks as of late are based off of cost to trade calculations, so banks need to get it right. Presently however, stitching together the complex components needed to construct a complete view of trade costs remains a considerable challenge for most banks. more

Summer 2014 Issue

We are delighted to share the Summer 2014 edition of Capco's monthly Regulatory Monitoring Newsletter, developed by industry experts in our European Regulatory Monitoring Team.

The intent of this newsletter is to provide you with a regular update on some of the most important regulatory changes - along with a Capco view on the implications of these changes. more

Agile. Accessible. Affordable.

With its blend of enhanced expertise and greater proximity, Capco's NearBy capability offers broad and deep professional experience and excellence, based conveniently close to the major European centers. "Success for Less". In responding to the industry challenges and opportunities that face them today and tomorrow, financial institutions are discovering that agile, cost-effective and expert support is NearBy. more