Who is Who


Valérie Texier

Capco Partner

Capco role and focus
Valérie Texier is a Partner based in Capco’s Paris office, where she has a leading role in the development of the firm’s capabilities in the Finance, Risk and Compliance (FRC) domain.

Industry expertise
Valérie has more than 20 years’ experience of - and deep expertise in - the risk management of financial activities, having overseen the design and implementation of global projects for the risk departments of many major French banks and financial institutions.

Over the past decade, she has worked closely with clients operating in an increasingly regulated environment on the deployment of internal models for market, credit and liquidity risk, with the majority of the focus on Basel II and III.

Thought Leadership
Valérie is a well-respected industry expert and has authored several papers including, "Funding and Liquidity: Reduce the cost WITHOUT limiting your business".

Professional background
Prior to joining Capco, Valérie spent over ten years as a Partner at OTC Conseil. In this role, Valérie was initially co-Head of the Bank Business Unit before taking up the position of Head of the Risk Business Unit, focusing on implementing and maintaining a variety of models pertaining to risk. In addition to this, Valerie has worked in industry as a Risk Manager at WestLB and HSBC in Paris.