Who is Who


Jean-Paul Hokke

Capco Partner

Capco role and focus
Jean-Paul Hokke is a Partner in Capco’s Amsterdam office. He has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, and has served global clients in both the banking and insurance domains.

Industry expertise
Jean-Paul has been involved in one way or another with almost all the large integrations and separations which have taken place in the Dutch financial services industry.

Thought leadership
Jean-Paul is a well-respected industry expert and has authored, Quality Assessments and New kids on the block … do new entrants have the X factor to succeed or will they simply fade away?"

Professional background
Before joining Capco, Jean-Paul was responsible for the Financial Services unit of a leading global consulting firm, serving all major financial services institutions in the Netherlands, as well as selected smaller institutions. Under his leadership, Jean-Paul’s team carried out numerous post-merger integrations and ‘carve-out’ programs, and also supported cost-cutting, efficiency and strategic reorientation programs.