Corporate Responsibility

Making a positive difference beyond the workplace

Corporate responsibility is at the heart of our business. Our initiatives are championed at the highest levels of management, with responsibility for all corporate responsibility activities residing with a global executive management team and programs delivered in all countries. Our involvement in making a difference in the communities in which we live and work is grounded in Capco’s core values: respect, integrity and commitment.

Our commitment to all areas of involvement as a firm — community, environment, marketplace and workplace — are fully supported at the board level and widely communicated to all employees.

We take an employee-led approach to our Corporate Responsibility activities, empowering employees to drive the focus and themes on the ground, as well as supporting companywide initiatives at a global level.

Community — Our efforts have focused on making corporate donations to help victims of natural disasters, promoting employee fundraising matching programs like our toy drive, and supporting our employees in their personal time commitments to various charities and volunteer activities. In the U.K., a Capco team provides pro bono services to a leading U.K. charity. In North America, our “Capco Cares” volunteers participate in a variety of quarterly events designed to give back to local and national organizations.

Environment — We have a strong focus on the environment. We consider the environmental impacts of any new office location or refit. All major offices provide recycling facilities. In the U.K. and Germany, we are piloting a carbon footprint measurement program with Climate First, with a view to rolling the program out firmwide. Our major carbon impact as a consulting firm is, of course, our travel. We continue to invest in collaborative technologies, such as an internally developed social networking platform and instant videoconferencing via GoogleApps, to increase connectivity and reduce the amount of travel required, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Marketplace — Our code of conduct to suppliers advocates responsible business practices in all markets in which we operate.

Workplace — We advocate responsible employment practices by working with Human Capital and leadership to develop leading workplace practices, including strengthening our commitment to diversity and engagement by providing a range of opportunities for people to get involved in.

In addition, Capco is an active member of the Corporate Responsibility Group, a learning and development network for corporate responsibility professionals.