Capco Events

October 30, 2012
Toronto, ON

The Canadian OTC Derivatives Roundtable Series

Part 1: The Evolution of Trading OTC Derivative Products

IIAC and Capco are partnering for a series of industry discussion sessions examining the evolution of the Global OTC Derivatives marketplace and its impact on Canadian participants. The sessions examine different aspects of the OTC Derivatives lifecycle (i.e Trading, Clearing, Collateral Management, Regulatory Reporting, etc). This inaugural session will focus on pre trade and trading considerations such as the use of SEFs, the competitive landscape from non-Canadian players, impact on margins and profitability.

Jayson R. Horner, Co-founder, President & CEO, CanDeal will be the keynote speaker at roundtable. The roundtable will focus on the following topics:

  • Defining optimal transparency for market participants
  • Creating a Canadianized solution that is consistent with global mandates
  • Market structure & the request-for-quote (RFQ) trading protocol

In addition, the industry panel table discussion will include views from Buy and Sell side. Closing comments by Nick Jackson, Partner, Head of Capital Markets Canada, Capco will be given.

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