Capco Events

December 12 – 13, 2012
Frankfurt, Germany

ETOT Technology Training Course 2012

The ETOT Technology Training Course 2012 addresses key priorities that many companies are experiencing as a result of stringent regulatory requirements, including large internal reorganizations within their IT departments. IT has even more of an enhanced role now in ensuring that companies meet their regulatory obligations for areas such as IT audit, business continuity, capacity and resilience.The two day training course will cover a thorough evaluation of organizational implications, procedures, processes and documentation requirements from an IT perspective.

On Day One we will be focusing on Operations and Day. Training will be given by Filip Sleeuwagen.

Capco's Mark Rayden will give the training on day two (Thursday 13th December). The training will focus on:

  • The importance of meeting regulatory obligations for areas such as; IT, audit, business continuity, capacity and resilience
  • Challenges of automation, efficiency and transparent markets; moving to business creating IT rather than support IT
  • Change of role for IT people, increased responsibility for IT audit; the use of shared services, regional or centralised services
  • Follow the sun capability to cope with emerging markets; global complexity of reporting and increased responsibility
  • Examining the processes, procedures, documentation requirements and impact of IT systems
  • Increased role of IT in ensuring outsourcing & Tri-party arrangements meet standards
  • Focus on transaction reporting, examining the different regulations and the different transaction reporting regimes that apply for each, updates on IT systems
  • Measuring the focus on technology, standardization, centralization and STP
  • Fix messaging hubs – increasing use and technology with simpler interface development
  • Avoiding complex networks
  • Straight Through exception Processing; ultimate Control
  • Real-Time data – the holy grail of trading and risk systems / Physical delivery – challenges of low STP
  • Real Time – as is data for trading and intraday cycles for CCP’s; settlement, clearing and collateral/margin

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